Sr.No. Innovation and Experimentation Class Subject Learning objective initially envisaged Learning objective realised or not Teacher in-charge Designation Download Photo
1 Project On Child Sexual Abuse VIII To Make Student Aware Of Ways Of Child Exploitation Yes Mrs. Aman Deep Kaur
2 Recycling Of Paper X Science Motivating Students To Save Paper And Uses Of Recycling And How It Is Done. Yes Mrs. Seema Prasad
3 Consumer Awareness XII Make The Consumer Aware Of The Consumer Rights Yes Ms. Deepak Kumari Sharma
4 A Journey Towards Safe Delhi XI Humanities Show The Reasons For Natural Disasters And Important Steps To Be Taken Before, During And After The Disaster Occurs Yes Mr Nagesh Kumar Tyagi
5 Make My School Greener IX To Make Them Understand The Importance Of Saving The Environment Through Activities In The School. Yes Mrs Usha Pal
6 Exploring Area And Perimeter V Students Will Calculate The Perimeter And Area Of Common Objects Found In The Classroom And At Home And Discover How People Apply Measurement Skills In Everyday Situations Yes Mrs. Uma Singh
7 Animated Story III Motivating The Students And Making The Story Interesting Using Animations. Video Of The Ppt Has Been Made But Cannot Be Uploaded Yes Mrs. Seema Kulshreshta